15 Benefits of Pomegranate Leaves and Pomegranate Leaf Content

Benefits of Pomegranate Leaves and Pomegranate Leaf Content

Benefits of pomegranate leaves - It is now commonly used as an effective herbal medicine in the treatment of various diseases. It is not as famous as the fruit in terms of medicine, but the content is no worse than the fruit or the stem.

The pomegranate tree is actually not only the leaves or fruit that are used, but the stems can also be used as herbal medicine.

Plants that have the Latin name Punica granatum are very easy to find so we have no trouble finding them and taking their leaves as medicine.

And you can also combine it from stems, fruit, to leaves into herbal medicine.  And the following is the content in pomegranate leaves.

Content of Pomegranate Leaves
  •  Fat
  •  Tannin
  •  Peroxidase
  •  Nutrition
  •  Alkaloids
  •  Sulfur
  •  And compound

Benefits of Pomegranate Leaves

1. Strengthens Immunity

Consuming boiled water of pomegranate leaves regularly strengthens the immune system or the immune system. So you are not susceptible to various diseases.

2. Treating Cough

Various types of coughs can only be cured by drinking boiled water or steeping pomegranate leaves. Both cough with phlegm and cough with phlegm. And this leaf is always used to treat coughs.

3. Treating Jaundice

This disease is usually characterized by a yellowish color on the patient's skin. The onset of this disease is caused by the accumulation of bilirubin in red blood cells. By drinking water from pomegranate leaf extract both in the morning and at night, this disease is cured. Drink it at least once or twice a day.

4. Treating Digestive Problems

One of the digestive problems is stomach upset, which can be caused by unhealthy eating habits or the presence of bacteria in the stomach. The content of pomegranate leaves can kill all bacteria in the stomach. So make tea from pomegranate leaves and drink it daily to cure stomach aches.

5. Treating Dysentery

Dysentery can be caused by infection or bacteria in the intestine, and it is not uncommon for sufferers to have bloody stools. And only drinking boiled water or steeping pomegranate leaves will treat infections that occur in the large intestine and in several other digestive areas.

6. Treating Insomnia

Insomnia is usually caused by too much thinking as well as stress or depression. The content in pomegranate leaves has a soothing aroma. So if you consume boiled water or tea water from pomegranate leaves at night, it will have a calming effect and make it easier to sleep.

7. Treating Eczema

This skin disease is usually associated with a blister-like appearance of the skin.  This can be caused by various things, it could be allergies or abnormal skin growth or it could be due to bacteria. Use pomegranate leaves that have been made into a natural oil and apply it to the blisters on your skin.

Or you can crush the leaves until soft, and then glue them directly to the wound. Use the pomegranate leaf remedy at least twice a day to dry the wound.

8. Treating Rectal Prolap

To treat this one disease, you can soak the affected area with warm water that you have mixed with pomegranate leaves. Or you can also wash the boiled water on the problematic part.

9. Treating Thrush

Diseases that can be caused by heartburn can be easily cured by you. You can drink boiled water from pomegranate leaves or just gargle. Gargle in the morning or evening before bed.

10. Treating Eye Diseases

By pounding pomegranate leaves to treat eye pain such as cataracts, hyperopia, swollen eyes and eye pain. All you have to do is apply the leaf effect to the affected part of the eye.

11. Treating Ear Pain

Pomegranate leaves can also be used to treat various ear ailments such as inflammation, itching and others. And how to make the medicine is enough to crush the leaves until smooth, then sangray to remove the oil. Then you just drop it in the ear, then gradually heal the inflammation or pain in the ear.

12. Smooth Menstruation

If your menstruation is not smooth and the cycle changes frequently, you can try to treat it with pomegranate leaf boiled water. Or make tea and drink it regularly before and during menstruation. The effectiveness of these leaves is to smooth menstruation and reduce pain during menstruation.

13. Lose weight

Pomegranate leaves are also effective in reducing body fat. Maintaining your balance, exercising regularly, and drinking pomegranate boiled water will make you lose weight faster.

14. Prevents Wrinkles on the Skin

By consuming it as a daily drink, wrinkles on your skin can be prevented. Which is usually on the face and also in certain parts. This is because the content contained in it can prevent free radicals as one of the causes of self-stimulation of the skin.

15. Lowering Obesity

According to Li Jun Du of Tsinghua University in Japan, said that extracting the benefits of pomegranate leaves may be effective for reducing appetite. It can be used as an alternative ingredient in diet programs.

Thus the discussion about pomegranate leaves, hopefully it can be useful for you.
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