Moringa Leaves are an antidote to black magic and how to use them

Moringa Leaves are an antidote to black magic and how to use them

Black Magic Antidote Moringa Leaves - The efficacy of Moringa leaves is very effective in the antidote to various black magic. Apart from having many health benefits, Moringa leaves have been proven to be an antidote and neutralize various black magic practices such as witchcraft, gendam, magic, teluh, witchcraft, and so on. Even supernatural practitioners avoid and stay away from these Moringa leaves so that they don't lose their strength.

Moringa leaves, the antidote to black magic

Moringa leaves have been used since the time of our ancestors to dissolve implants, khodam, and as a treatment for supernatural beings with evil intentions in humans. Since ancient times it was believed that Moringa leaves deter magic and as a fortress for the body from witchcraft.

Even Moringa leaves are often used as an antidote to immune science. This should come as no surprise as some people with immunity or implant science usually stay away and avoid this wonder leaf.

How to ward off black magic Ancient people always believed that moringa leaves could prevent magic or repel reinforcements. In addition, since time immemorial, people have believed that Moringa leaves are an antidote to immunity. In fact, this sort of thing was not surprising, as several people who had immunity or implants escaped and avoided this magic leaf.

Our ancestors taught that when we put this Moringa plant in front of the house, all unseen attacks cannot enter our house. The whole house will not be disturbed, the family is safe and can paralyze one's evil intentions. Regardless of which energy is contained in Moringa leaves, this myth develops. However, this story has been believed from generation to generation.

There is even a funny story behind the antidote to black magic. There was a thief who was shot by the police but did not work. Then the police found out that the thief had knowledge of immunity, then hit the thief in the leg with a Moringa leaf. And in the end, the thief can also be paralyzed because his knowledge has faded through the Moringa leaves.

Benefits of Moringa Leaves to Ward off Dark Arts

1. Antidote to Santet

Moringa leaves can be used as an antidote to witchcraft. Witchcraft is a variety of supernatural diseases that are not detected medically. They feel excruciating pain in certain body parts, but they cannot prove it medically. This could be due to witchcraft attacks. You can try to heal with Moringa leaves. The way you can take a bath with Moringa leaves, of course, by practicing mantras and prayers that must be accompanied by a parapsychologist who has the ability to transfer energy.

2. Fences and invisibility guards

Moringa leaves can also be used for fences / unseen protection by yourself or your family. The method is quite easy, just by planting Moringa leaves in the yard. However, if you don't have enough land, you can stick some moringa tree trunks or branches in several places around your house.

3. Pellet Release

For those of you who feel that there are family members, relatives or friends who are affected by pellet science, you can also use Moringa leaves as a detonator.  To release the pellets, you can serve food with moringa leaves to people who want to heal / remove the effect of the pellets.

4. Impression Remover and Lightening

Implant users usually have certain restrictions / restrictions, one of which is all things that smell of moringa. Implant users should avoid (not to touch, let alone eat, Moringa leaves). In addition, Moringa leaves can also be used to help those who are dying because they use implants to make it easier to die. The usual way to help a dying person is to simply pat the leaves of the implant user.

Other Benefits of Moringa Leaves

1. Supplements for the Ideal Body

For those of you who want a diet but don't want to torture, you can use moringa by processing it into tea for daily consumption. This tea can be absorbed by the intestines, so it is useful for supporting the digestive system and stimulating the body's metabolism by burning calories faster. So you can get a slim body effectively.

2. Prevents Arthritis and Reduces Pain

Moringa leaves can relieve inflammation and pain in several types of arthritis. This comes from a study published in the February 2011 issue of the Journal of Chinese Integrative Medicine. In laboratory animal studies, leaf and moringa extracts reduced sensitivity to painful stimuli in arthritic joints. The researchers also found that the combination of moringa root and leaf extract had a "synergistic" effect on pain relief.

3. Energy Boosting Stimulants

For those of you who have various activities, you can prepare Moringa leaf tea in the morning. The fresh taste will keep your body active and energize your body throughout the day. So you won't get tired quickly. You also get a feeling of fullness after drinking this tea. So you don't have to eat heavy carbohydrates. If you don't have time for breakfast, take the time to drink this tea, man!

4. Source of Daily Nutrition

It turns out that Moringa leaves have a nutritional content equivalent to 4 healthy foods and 5 perfect foods. This is good for the health of the eyes and brain in your body.  Moringa leaves contain 7 x vitamin C in oranges, 4 x calcium in milk, 4 x vitamin A in carrots, 2 x protein in milk and 3 x potassium in bananas. You can consume Moringa leaves in the form of vegetables or as fresh vegetables. One would never think that Moringa leaves are very delicious to prepare as fresh vegetables / sour vegetables, especially with hot chili sauce.

5. Healthy Digestive System

Besides being healthy because it is rich in nutrients, it turns out that Moringa leaves contain high fiber, which is good for digestion. The fiber in Moringa leaves is useful for triggering and overcoming various digestive problems such as constipation, diarrhea and flatulence.

Thus the discussion about the antidote to black magic moringa leaves, hopefully it can be useful for you.
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